Rumba Esquina - Original Bay Area Latin Music
Alta California Latin Band
Alta Cali
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Alta California Latin Band

2017 Alta Cali Third Thursdays!

Alta Cali

We are pleased to announce Third Thursdays in 2017 at the Golden Bull in Downtown Oakland!

The Golden Bull
412 14th St, Oakland, California 94612

February 16, 2017

March 16th, 2017

April 20th, 2017

May 18th, 2017

June 15th, 2017

"Rising out of the Bay like a phoenix, Alta Cali is that one-in-a-million occurrence, a chance meeting that would go on to become a musical institution and foundation of a new genre of music, "Rumba Esquina", a highly combustible mélange of Spanish Rumba, Afro-Cuban, Pop, Soul, Hip-hop, and Flamenco, dance and song, that could have only happened in Alta California.  Spanning generations, styles, cultures, and nationalities, the members of Alta Cali are a United Nations of musical firepower, a band comprised of bandleaders, who all have one thing in common. Connecting with audiences through a mutual love of song and dance performance, and finally, a loving musical family who are close both onstage and off.  This is the new face of Latin Music. A naturally occurring caldera, a message, of music, and love.  This, is ALTA CALI Acclaimed vocalist, Orlando Torriente, from San Francisco's Mission District, currently a resident of East Oakland, brings gritty, emotional, moving stories of love, loss, and the triumph and influence of their his family of all colors through songs and music, including Corrido, Nueva Trova, and all with the energy of rumba, alternative, and Latin rock in both Spanish and English. This is true Latin street music. The powerhouse talents of renowned flamenco guitarist Daniel Fries, Spanish guitar master Jean Paul Buongiorno, the tight innovative rhythms of Steve Hogan (bass), Valentino Peeps (drums), and Alexey Berlind (percussion) And Javier Navarette (Congas), set the stage for astonishing solo violin performances by Antonio Blea and Matthew Szemela.  But the best is still yet to come. The most innovative Flamenco dancer of her generation, Melissa Cruz, brings her legendary fiery footwork magic to the stage along with the beautiful Afro-Cuban, and Afro Haitian dance expressions of the talented Anya De Marie, with dance that combines Rumba, Sevillanas, soul, Afro-Haitian, and more.  This is a group that could only have happened here, as one sensory experience will prove. Alta California is a one-of-a-kind affair, offering an explosive and compelling cultural and musical event."